About James
​​​​James Lamprey is a YouTube chef and host of FunFoodsYT .  Every week he shows his audience how to make a new and unique recipe.  His desserts are shared across many social platforms including Facebook where he has reached millions of people.  His "Mountain Dew Ice Cream" video has reached more than 52 million people on Facebook alone.  

James' Youtube  channel has more than 6 million views and over 65,000 subscribers.  He enjoys the challenge of coming up with different recipes each week for his viewers to enjoy.  Every Sunday at 2pm Eastern Time he uploads a new food related video.  

James also enjoys travel.  Most of his travel involves attending Youtube conventions like VidCon, Playlist Live and Summer in the City (SitC).  James has had the pleasure of speaking on a number of panels at Playlitst Live in both Orlando, Florida and in Washington DC.  

James is most proud of his ability to use his social platforms to help raise money and awareness for a number of different charities.  Most notible is the Maryland Special Olympics where james has volunteered at the Polar Bear Plunge with his nephews Andrew and Matthew for the last 6 years.  James has also taken the plunge (entered the freezing Chesapeake Bay in January) for the past 3 years.  

James attributes his love of baking and cooking to his mother who used to enjoy holiday baking.  James was never far from the kitchen when his mother was baking. 

James' passion for giving to the Special Olympics was also influenced by his mother who worked in special education until she retired only a few years ago.