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About James
James Lamprey is a content creator, influencer and speaker.   As the host of an internet​   cooking show called FunFoods  James engages with his audience each week while teaching them how to create a delicious recipe.  He is most known for his fun and interesting short format videos that are shared on Facebook.  His videos have accumulated over 100 million views.  James' Mountain Dew Ice Cream video alone has reached more than 58 millon people.  

His Youtube channel has grown substantually over the last couple of years.  With more than 9 million views and over 85,000 subscribers James' channel  has become a favorite amongst foodies and home bakers.

James has had the honor of speaking on a number of panels at Playlist Live.  Some of the panel titles included "Finding Your Niche", "Youtube and Your Career" and "Understanding Analytics".  James also moderated the "Panel for Parents" panel for Community United at Playlist Live Orlando.

James is happy to use his platform for social good as well.  He has participated in and raised money for many different charities.  He is most proud of his work with the Maryland special Olympics.  Each year James and 2 of his newphews (Andrew & Matthew) volunteer their time at the Polar Bear Plunge.  James has "taken the plunge" (entered the freezing water of the Chesapeake Bay in January) the last 4 years at this event. 
  1. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Playlist Live, Playlist Live DC, Community Unite, speaker, speaking
    A quick Selfie
    I took a quick selfie prior to my panel starting at Playlist live DC.
  2. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Playlist Live, Community Unite, Panel, Speaker
    Speaker at Playlist DC
    I had the pleasure of speaking on the Finding Your Niche panel at Playlist Live in DC on September 3, 2016. My fellow speakers and I were able to enlighten the audience with our experiences and answer questions to help those new to Youtube prepare for success.
  3. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Youtube, Playlist Live, Speaker, speaking, panel, Community Unite
    Speaker at Playlist Live Orlando
    Speaking at this Youtube convention about "Youtube and Your Career" was an enjoyable experience. I loved meeting fans and other content creators. I felt that I learned as much from the audience as they had learned from me.
  4. James Lamprey, Playlist Live, FunFoodsYT, speaker, speaking, panel, Community Unite
    Speaker at Playlist Live DC
    I spoke at the "Understanding Analytics" panel at Playlist Live in DC on September 4, 2016. It was nice to share my knowledge of analytics with the audience.
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    VidCon 2015
  2. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Steve's Kitchen, Steve Owens, collaborations, youtube, cooking, baking
    Collab w/ Steve's Kitchen
  3. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Stephen Halbhuber, collaboration, youtube, halloween, cooking, baking
    Collab w/ Stephen H Vlog TV
  4. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Polar Bear Plunge, Special Olympics, charity, PlungeMD
    Polar Bear Plunge 2016
  5. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Brooke Waggoner, Blake Waggoner, Ben Waggoner, Our 3 B's, Youtube
    Collab w/ Our3B's
  6. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Summer in the City, SitC, London Excel
    SitC 2016
  7. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Slime bucket challenge, charity, challenge
    Slime Bucket Challenge
  8. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Vegemite, VidCon, Collaboration, Joshua George, Chris Bruning
    Vegemite Challenge
  9. James Lamprey, FunfoodsYT, Epic Meal Time, VidCon, Cheesecake Factory
    Epic Meal Time
  10. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, AllasYummyFood, The Scran Line, Steve's Kitchen
    Chef's at VidCon
  11. James Lamprey, FunFoodsYT, Playlist Live, Playlist Live DC
    Playlist Live DC
  12. James Lamprey, FunfoodsYT, Polar Bear Challenge, charity, Special Olympics
    Edible Polar Bear
  13. James Lamprey, AllasYummyFood, FunFoodsYT, Youtube, Collaboration, cooking, baking, food
    Collab w/ AllasYummyFood